Album Review – Wiz Khalifa “Rolling Papers”

Staying true to his origins by naming the album Rolling Papers, Khalifa again explores his experience of the days and nights partying and rolling up. This is probably the reason for Wiz Khalifa’s popularity; a pleasure seeking, carefree mentality all set to some heavy beats. Since dropping his Kush & OJ mixtape last summer Wiz Khalifa has been on fire. He has survived in the music industry and has aligned himself with established veterans, pushing a single to the top of the charts with minimal corporate support. By doing so, Wiz has solidified a name for himself as one of the sharpest young stars in rap right now as well this generation’s poster boy for marijuana subculture. In terms of the new album, Rolling Papers strives with hits “Black & Yellow”, “Roll Up”, “No Sleep” and “The Race.” For the most part Rolling Papersunfortunately is not a great example of Khalifa’s lyrical capabilities. Good beats and bragging aside, Wiz’s verses aren’t the most memorable or engaging. When compared to the likes of Lil Wayne, Eminem and other creative lyricists in the game right now, Wiz’s skills fall way below. Also, those who wish for the ‘mixtape Wiz’ may find the album quite distant from his original stuff. However, for the limited subject matter covered and the lack of true lyrical creativity, Wiz Khalifa manages to create a successful album, in which he can build his momentum on. B+


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