Album Review – Snoop Dogg “Doggumentary”

Snoop Dogg is one of the most well-known pop culture icons in the world. He has released over 10 albums, beginning in 1993 with the classic album, Doggystyle. For his 11th studio album, Snoop originally stated that it would be titled Doggystyle 2 and would be a sequel to the original. After completing the album, Snoop decided to change the name of the album toDoggumentary, partly because the album did not reflect that old school style like he previously thought. Doggumentary is more of a reflection of Snoop’s life as a whole, with different styles and sounds. As Snoop tries to take us through his career, the album is a bit inconsistent. It is filled with mediocre tracks but Snoop also brings the heat with “Boom” and “The Way Life Use To Be”.  The album, just like Snoop’s career is full of ups and downs, with signs of the OG. Overall, the album is more pop friendly and less gansta, which is a disappointment for more hardcore Snoop fans. The album works for what it is, a toned down more marketable collection. Unfortunately, we will still have to wait for the day Snoop returns to his West Coast roots! B-


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