The Roots Bring Down the House @ UVM Springfest 2011!

No power, no problem. UVM’s 2011 Springfest—already moved inside, to Patrick Gymnasium, due to weather conditions—was faced with a new set of problems yesterday afternoon (April 16th). Midway through the second performer’s set, the power to the entire building, completely blew out and the event was put on hold indefinitely. The gym was a dark and empty place where a hand full of “Groovy UV” students stuck around playing games in bizarre silence and darkness. As if that wasn’t enough, rumors were starting to spread that QuestLove, the drummer and face of The Roots, missed his flight! He later posted on twitter, “Mission Accomplished: Leaving Coachella. Vermont Bound.”

During the other 4 acts, none of the students knew that Questlove was on his way to the Green Mountain State. Alas, the resolve of the UVM Springfest remained resilient and The Roots took the stage in dramatic fashion, hours after they were scheduled to perform. UVM decided to run the event on a back up generator, not powerful enough to power the whole stage, but just enough to power the microphones, speakers, instruments and one strip of lights! And that was all the power The Roots needed to save the day. As soon as the first beat dropped, all the previous issues didn’t matter. The crowd was ecstatic and the electricity in Patrick Gym was on another level. The Roots rocked the stage song after song and played the crowd like real performers should. This proved that music is too powerful and UVM Springfest 2011 delivered on a new level that could only be described as “Legendary!”


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