Lil Wayne’s Releases New Mixtape “Sorry 4 the Wait” before “Tha Carter IV”

Lil Wayne’s long-awaited “Tha Carter IV” is almost here. In an interview with MTV, Tunechi confirmed that the fourth installment of “Tha Carter” series is completely done and will be released August 29th. Though that is only 6 weeks away, Wayne is also issuing an apology for the delay by means of a new mixtape, “Sorry 4 the Wait.” It’s sort of an appetizer for the main entrée: “Tha Carter IV.” And if it is anything like 2009’s “No Ceilings”, the mixtape will deliver what we all crave, THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!


01 Tunechi’s Back

02 Rollin’ (Freestyle)

03 Throwed Off (Freestyle) (Feat. Gudda Gudda)

04 Gucci Gucci (Freestyle)

05 Marvin’s Room (Freestyle)

06 Sure Thing (Freestyle)

07 Grove St. Party (Freestyle) (Feat. Lil B)

08 Racks (Freestyle)

09 Hands Up (Freestyle)

10 Sorry 4 The Wait

11 Inkredible Remix (Freestyle)

12 IDK (Freestyle)


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