Exclusive Interview: Jacob Es

Introducing JACOB ES, an up and coming artist out of Boston and current UVM student. If you’ve never heard of Jacob Es, you will get a chance to see him live, as he will be blazing the stage at UVM Fall Fest 2011. Although Jacob Es has only been making music for a few years, his style and sounds are fresh and very unique. With a few weeks to go until Fall Fest, we sat down with Jacob Es to discuss his past, present, and future. Peep the interview below and support the movement by downloading his latest mixtape ~ Stoned Poets Society ~

StevieBeats: Where are you from?

Jacob Es: I was born in Boston but grew up in CT. I went to prep school @ Kent School before moving back to Boston.

StevieBeats: How long have you been making music?

Jacob Es: I began to write lyrics about a year and a half ago after I stopped playing college baseball due to my third elbow operation, which left me with spotty feeling in writing hand. I have only been recording music for the last 6 months.

StevieBeats: How would you define your style(s)?

Jacob Es: Its hard to say because I feel my style is ever changing and developing since I have been making music for such a short time. I chose every single sample for my latest project and am really trying to bring an instrumental sound with my music; as opposed to the frat rap style I see a lot of rappers going with these days. I write about what I’m feeling and bring the same work ethic I learned from years of training for baseball, trying everyday to get better and make more unique music.

StevieBeats: You are a very versatile artist, as you can sing and rap extremely well. Can you reflect on that?

Jacob Es: Being able to do both things definitely opens me up to a lot of different genres of music. This also helps me switch up my sound and bring some really different sounding hip-hop, which people will see on my next project.

StevieBeats: What bring you to VT?

Jacob Es: Initially I was recruited by UVM during my junior year of high school to come play baseball, but they dropped the program and I ended up in Memphis, TN at Rhodes College. After I blew out my elbow for the third time I really wanted to get away from the game. UVM was closer to my family in Boston so I transferred and love it!

StevieBeats: Are you stoked for UVM Fall Fest 2011?

Jacob Es: I am beyond excited for Fall Fest. Having the opportunity to perform with artists that are as talented as White Panda and Mac Miller is a real honor and a testament to how far I’ve come in just 6 months. Going from never being in a studio in my life to getting radio interviews and opening for one of the hottest up and comers in the game is very surreal.

StevieBeats: What can we expect at the show?

Jacob Es: You can expect to hear a lot of music that no ones heard before as well as some tracks off of my first project, “Stoned Poets Society”. I will also be introducing a new clothing brand that I have been working on all summer called PAWN, which will have its first line available for purchase at the show.

StevieBeats: What’s next?

Jacob Es: I have been working all summer in a studio in Burlington called Sound Loom Studios and have a new project almost ready for release, which I intend to put out sometime in the week after Fall Fest.

Here’s a link to the first track JACOB ES ever wrote: \”Acid Raindrops\”


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