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New Video: Pepsi Commercial Featuring Nicki Minaj

Here’s the result of that multimillion dollar agreement between Pepsi and YMCMB artist Nicki Minaj as a part of their “Live For Now” campaign.  Pretty cool commercial, I suppose.  Haven’t we all wanted to freeze time, eat tomatoes, drink Pepsi, and crowd surf or is that just me?


New Video: Mac Miller Mountain Dew Commercial

Mac Miller has been endorsed my Mountain Dew for awhile now and is currently a part of this new This is How I Dew campaign along with, amongst others, Lil Wayne.  Everyone a part of the campaign seems to be getting a commercial centered on them so keep on the look out for the Lil Wayne version!

New Video: Wiz Khalifa & Mac Miller Interview w/ Sway on Rap Fix Live

The two main men in Pittsburgh hip hop were on the same couch for the most recent episode of Rap Fix Live.  These dudes are pretty hilarious together and it’s quite clear that aside from music these two are quite similar in personality.  Don’t forget they will be going on tour this summer together and you can get your tickets now!

New Video: Mac Miller & Casey Veggies Freestyle on Rap Fix Live

I can’t even embed this video but this freestyle by Mac is just too insane not to post.  Casey did his thing for sure but Mac Miller completely tears shit apart.  This is a must watch/listen freestyle.  By the way, the machine gun movements at the end had be crackin’ up.

New Video: Odd Future’s Loiter Squad – Episode 1

In case you missed Odd Future’s debut of their late night show Loiter Squad on Adult Swim, here it is in rough cut if you must see it.  If you enjoy stupid humor and jackass-like hijinks, you’re in for a treat.

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